Medallion Authentication Equipment

for Transfer Agents

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T1655 STAMP 2000PLUS Z-Code Barcode Imaging Scanner

The new 2D Barcode Imaging Scanner has been specially programmed to read the STAMP 2000PLUS Barcode. This new technology Imaging Scanner features a custom image sensor that is optimized for barcode scanning. The scanner quickly checks the missing equipment database. This ensures the Medallion imprint being inspected has not been reported lost, stolen or destroyed. The scanner operates with either a manual or automatic trigger; connects easily to most PCs, using T1670 USB High Speed Interface Cable; and also reads hundreds of industry standard symbologies.

  • T1655 “New” STAMP 2000PLUS 2D Imaging Scanner only
  • T1660 “New” STAMP 2000PLUS 2D Imaging Scanner Kit
    (Scanner & USB Interface Cable)
  • T1665 Scanner Stand for above scanner for hands-free operation

T1665 STAMP 2000PLUS Scanner Stand

Desktop Stand for hands-free use of the scanner. Also includes a special bracket for the Document Reader’s Liquid Light Cable.

Stand fits items T1655 & T1660

T1657 STAMP 2000PLUS Z-Code Wireless Imaging Scanner

The Z-Code Wireless Imaging Scanner offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area imaging technology plus the freedom of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity. This wireless hand-held scanner offers a long lasting lithium-ion battery that ensures maximum uptime as well as three focal options for application specific scanning. This scanner quickly checks the missing equipment database to ensure the Medallion imprint being inspected has not been reported lost, stolen or destroyed. It connects via USB to most PC’s then operates wirelessly. Comes with Wireless Imaging Scanner, Bluetooth® stand/charger, power supply and USB High Speed Interface Cable.

T1420 STAMP 2000PLUS Document Reader

This new technology Document Reader allows an operator to manually pass a document imprinted with the new STAMP 2000PLUS Medallion. The STAMP 2000PLUS Medallion contains an invisible ultraviolet material which will trigger a light and/or audible tone verifying the Medallion imprint’s authenticity. Model T1420 comes with a liquid light cable for quicker and easier reading. The cable also attaches to the optional Scanner Stand T1665 for hands-free operation. AC powered. 6” x 6” x 2.5”.

T1650 STAMP 2000PLUS Transfer Agent Complete Kit

Includes everything needed to effectively verify a STAMP 2000PLUS Medallion’s authenticity as well as search the lost, stolen or destroyed database. The complete kit is a hands-free desktop system, which includes the Document Reader with Liquid Light Cable, Z-Code Barcode Scanner, USB High Speed Interface Cable & Scanner Stand.

Kit includes:

  • T1420 Document Reader with Liquid Light Cable
  • T1655 Z-Code Barcode Scanner
  • T1670 USB High Speed Interface Cable for Scanner
  • T1665 Scanner Stand

STAMP 2000PLUS Self Inking Verified Rubber Stamps

Use our self-inking rubber stamps to quickly communicate a Medallion imprints authenticity. Perfect for emailing and faxing verifications. Choose from our styles including thre heavy duty self-inking stamps.

T1700 STAMP 2000PLUS Visual Inspection Aid

Simply place the crystal clear visual inspection aid over a Medallion imprint. Compare size and format of a Medallion imprint which will help you to recognize authenticating features.

*This device should always be used in conjunction with your document reader, not in place of.